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LeoSat Enterprises was established in 2013 by Cliff Anders (Chairman) and Phil Marlar (Chief Operating Officer), two former Schlumberger executives with direct experience of the challenges of business data transportation. Realizing that the solution they were developing would also be perfectly suited to a number of vertical markets (Enterprise, Finance and Government), LeoSat was formed to leverage proven satellite communications technology which would be deployed in a unique way to develop a new low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite constellation providing a truly global, enterprise grade, high-speed and secure data network.

Based in Washington DC, LeoSat is currently working with Thales Alenia Space to manufacture and launch a constellation of up to 108 Ka-band communications satellites. The high-throughput satellites (HTS) will be interconnected through laser links, effectively creating an optical backbone in space which is about 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones. Once operational, the constellation will provide a highly secure communications infrastructure for business operations in the telecom backhaul, Energy, Maritime, Government and international business markets. Start of the launch of the constellation is expected in 2019.

Management Team
LeoSat is a young company established in 2013 and today comprises a strong team of seasoned business and technical professionals with a wealth of expertise and experience across the satellite, telecom, business and finance sectors. Cliff Anders (Chairman) and Phil Marlar (COO) are the original founders of the company who came up with the idea to develop a high-speed, low-latency and highly-secure data network for business users, harnessing existing and proven satellite technology but in a unique way that has not been done before. Following the completion of the constellation’s feasibility study by Thales Alenia Space, the project gained momentum and in September 2015, LeoSat appointed Mark Rigolle as CEO. Mark brings over 22 years of experience in the telecom and satellite industries, including as CEO of O3B Networks, where he led the effort to raise $1.2 billion in funding and launch the first eight satellites of that company’s constellation. LeoSat has also recently appointed key executives in the Commercial and Corporate Development areas, key to driving forward the next stages of the company’s development.

Cliff Anders – Chairman
Mark Rigolle – Chief Executive Officer
Phil Marlar – Chief Operating Officer
Ronald van der Breggen – Chief Commercial Officer
Diederik Kelder – Chief Strategy Officer 
Peter Schrickel – Chief Financial Officer 

Company Overview