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Combining the speed of fiber with the ubiquity of satellite
Business today is increasingly data-driven, cloud based and international/intercontinental. With existing satellite systems unable to meet these connectivity requirements, LeoSat aims to deliver the only viable satellite solution for enterprise data – responding to specific customer needs in the Enterprise, Finance, Government, Energy and Maritime sectors. 

Using optical inter-satellite links and operating in polar orbits at an altitude 5x closer to Earth than the MEO orbit and 25x closer than GEO, LeoSat has many advantages when it comes to throughput, latency and true global coverage. Read More

A New Type of Satellite Constellation
Through its optically interconnected satellites, LeoSat offers a commercial grade, highly secure data network for point to point or point to multipoint data solutions. LeoSat’s network performance will set a new bar for satellite high-speed data networks. Partially due to physics and partially due to its unique design, the LeoSat HTS network will provide faster high-throughput links than existing satellite systems and outperform terrestrial fiber links in speed on long-distance network routes.

The unique LeoSat system attributes will create a paradigm shift in the use of satellites as a solution of choice for for data connectivity rather than a gap filler or last resort where no terrestrial alternative is available.

  • Full global coverage – The LeoSat constellation will use polar orbits and with that will provide full global coverage from pole to pole.
  • Global point-to-point connectivity with no terrestrial touch points in-between – The LeoSat satellites are interconnected through optical links. Once uplinked to the constellation data will travel from satellite to satellite until it reaches its downlink destination.
  • High throughput – LeoSat will offer up to 1.6 Gbps of full-duplex connectivity per link, and 5.2 Gbps where needed.
  • Flexible network configuration – links can be combined into star or mesh networks to suit multiple enterprise connectivity scenarios.
  • Low Latency – Because of LeoSat’s low earth orbit, earth to space latency directly under each satellite will be less than 20ms. Combined with LeoSat’s optical backbone in space it will result in very low latency connections which, at larger distances, will be faster than any existing solution. As an example, current fiber latency on the London to Singapore route in well in excess of 180ms, on the LeoSat network this will be reduced to and average below 120ms.
    Another unique attribute of the constellation is that latency can be calculated down to the millisecond for any given period. This deterministic characteristic of LeoSat's latency is unique in the industry and comes with great advantages for certain business- and government applications
  • Totally secure network – From end to end, LeoSat can carry your data in a network that is physically separated from any other network. We do not have to interconnect with any third party network or any satellite gateway infrastructure to carry your data to its final destination - wherever on earth that might be . The system will also provide ultra-secure end-to-end encryption on top of the encryption used by you as our customers. Never has your data been more safe than on LeoSat. 

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New Opportunities for Multiple Market Segments
LeoSat is a new concept in satellite telecommunications resulting in communications services up until now unavailable via satellite. Based on existing and proven technologies and systems, LeoSat can provide bandwidth and low-latency connectivity to commercial customers in the following sectors: 

  • Oil-field Services and Operations 
  • Maritime Communications Services 
  • Enterprise-enterprise Communications Services 
  • Internet and cellular backhaul Services
  • Government Services 
  • Video Contribution Services

Unmatched Reliability and Security for Enterprise Communications
For the Enterprise Communications sector with the need to move large, sensitive amounts of data around the world, reliability and security are key components of a critical data network. LeoSat’s advanced and unique system architecture is able to highly encrypt and logically separate and route the data as it flows through the system allowing the company to deliver the highest performing, most secure, furthest reaching network in the world. With LeoSat, data travels in its native form, but is encrypted and secure from end-to-end across an optical satellite network, with no terrestrial touch points. Enterprise communications can now rely on LeoSat for domestic and international data transport, communications backhaul or hosted solutions that are not only completely secure but delivered faster than on any other satellite or terrestrial network. Read More

Constellation for Connectivity in the Arctics
Data communications to and from the Polar regions is challenging and expensive. Building cable networks is hardly feasible from an economic perspective and satellites communications using the traditional GEO arc comes at low speed, high costs and operational challenges. For bulk data there is no viable solution and all too often the data needs to be physically carried out to its destination. In particular, for data-intensive activities such as research, this causes serious delays and additional costs. With LeoSat’s satellites in polar orbits, the Arctic regions can now benefit from increased bandwidth for a range of broadband communications services and connect to any location anywhere in the world with extremely low latency. Read More

Unique Data Network Solution for Smarter Oilfields
The Oil & Gas industry needs connectivity solutions with low latency and high throughput to improve productivity and on-shore/off-shore collaboration. Increasingly modern rigs produce enormous amounts of data that ideally would be reviewed in near real time. Existing satellite networks cannot handle the bandwidth and speed requirements to move this amount of data quickly, hence LeoSat was conceived as an ultra low latency, high throughput, global data network solution achieved via a unique optical backbone in space. LeoSat’s advanced global network architecture will enable voice, video and cloud-based enterprise applications for digital oilfield communication, driving efficiencies and ensuring optimized connectivity. Read More

High Speed and Ultra Low Latency for The Finance Sector
In the finance industry and in particular the trading sector, banks, hedge funds, trading firms and financial services companies are always looking for the latest technologies and innovations to stay ahead of the competition. With exchange technology and big data at the forefront as key differentiators for success, companies are looking to address the challenges of latency management and network connectivity. LeoSat’s system of low earth orbit communications satellites can achieve lower latency and stronger end-to-end security compared to traditional terrestrial solutions used today, in a market where speed advantages of milliseconds are worth millions in potential profits. For example, LeoSat can offer point-to-point latency of 100ms for New York to Tokyo. Read More

Increased Capacity for Cellular Backhaul
As cellular protocols become more and more sophisticated and cellular use accelerates, there is an ever increasing need to transport cellular signals for long distances, at high speeds, in high volume and native form. These growing backhaul needs are not being met by current terrestrial networks and existing and planned satellite networks are too slow and the bandwidth limited. For existing and emerging market telecom operators, LeoSat offers significant advantages as its latency, timing and transport are in compliance with the network standards of the newer 4G, 5G and LTE cellular systems. And with the continued growth in Internet use, streaming media, smart phone use, mobile apps and the “Internet of Things”, the low latency of the LeoSat system will become increasingly an attractive alternative to the high latency of GEO systems. Read More

Alternative Infrastructure for Video Contribution Networks
LeoSat’s low earth orbit satellite infrastructure can also be deployed to complement fiber infrastructure for video contribution networks used for special event broadcasting. Often it is not technically or economically feasible to connect a particular venue using fiber, sometimes digging isn’t even permitted. LeoSat can bring a solution that offers the capacity and technical capabilities of a fiber network, whilst at the same time offering the ubiquity, ease of implementation and rapid deployment which are characteristic for a satellite infrastructure. Using LeoSat, remote production becomes an option for all events, not just for those that have fiber connections to the venue, allowing media companies to cover more events in more location. Read More

Seamless, Global Data Coverage for Maritime Communications
Maritime operators continue to face significant problems getting adequate broadband networks to interlink ships to each other and to a main office and to serve the ever-increasing data and Internet needs of passengers and crew. On cruise lines, passengers are demanding more and more bandwidth to power consumer devices and for Internet access. And with commercial ships deployed to all parts of the globe, seamless, global data coverage is becoming increasingly important.  Existing satellite systems, most of which can only illuminate limited portions of the earth from GEO or MEO orbits, cannot satisfy this need.  The LeoSat constellation was specifically designed to meet this unmet demand, providing low latency, high-throughput bandwidth for data communications, including those aboard moving vessels.  LeoSat can bring all the ships in a fleet “on-net”, regardless of their global position, just as if they were a local network node.  With innovation and technology key for the future development of the Maritime sector, LeoSat’s unique data solution enables operators to leverage the new “Smart Ships” digital infrastructure where cloud-based operations will improve efficiency, operational effectiveness and safety as well as providing new business opportunities. Read More                                                                                      

Secure, High-Throughput, Resilient Network for Governments  

Governments are increasingly looking to the commercial satellite sector and in particular next-generation satellite constellations to provide the innovative and resilient communications infrastructure they need.  The Military and Government sector relies on a number of key attributes when it comes to communications networks.  Critical operations require bandwidth intensive applications, near real time command and control and advanced sensor capabilities. The proximity LEO satellites have to the earth translates into lower latencies and better data rates.  Security and resilience are also key attributes and with a “touchless architecture” - taking traffic in its native form and carrying it from any point on earth to any point on earth without touching the earth’s surface in between and therefore completely isolated from any terrestrial infrastructure – this is an enormous advantage to the Military.  And for Embassy communications, rooftop-to-rooftop without any terrestrial touchpoint in between, means an ultra-secure, resilient communications network. Read More