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In a world which is increasingly interconnected, cloud-based and data-driven, LeoSat Enterprises is launching a constellation of up to 108 low-earth orbit (LEO) communications satellites to provide the first commercially available, enterprise grade, extremely high-speed and secure data service worldwide. 

Our unique solution will provide the highest performance enterprise data network offered by any existing or planned system, including fiber!

Discover LeoSat

  • High Speed
  • Low Latency
  • Total Security
  • Global Coverage

About us

LeoSat Enterprises was established in 2013 by Cliff Anders (Chairman) and Phil Marlar (Chief Operating Officer), two former Schlumberger executives with direct experience of the challenges of business data transportation.

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Using optical inter-satellite links and operating in polar orbits at an altitude 5x closer to Earth than the MEO orbit and 25x closer than GEO, LeoSat has many advantages when it comes to throughput, latency and true global coverage.

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The LeoSat system is being developed in conjunction with Thales Alenia Space, a company with unmatched expertise in designing and manufacturing low earth orbit constellations.

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